The memory of the past is so important for future generations.

For this reason, with the launch of MILANO Fragranze collection of fragrances, we are also setting up an ambitious project: creating an archive of Milanese olfactive memories.
Everyone can contribute: bona fide Milanese, Milanese by adoption, and even people who just visited the city for a short while.
We would love to hear your story, or the story that your parents or grandparents passed to you, and share them with the world. Old pictures, postcards, ripped pages out of your personal diary, … accompanied by a description of the olfactive memory, will constitute precious exhibits of our archive. And maybe the most interesting will be turned into fragrances!

Details of the project will be disclosed at Esxence 2021, and with every bottle of perfume.

“Archive of Milanese Olfactive Memories”