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"Naviglio Blue Eau de Parfum" - a captivating fragrance in a sleek blue bottle.

Curved backs and folk songs. A life along the “Vicolo dei Lavandai”, as rich need having pristine white shirts. The damp stone bank of the canal slowly consuming the washermen to the bone.

Interpreted by Michelle Moellhausen

Head Notes: Marseille Soapbar Accord, Bergamot Calabria E.O.,Neroli E.O.
Heart Notes: Lavandin E.O., Petitgrain E.O., Vetiver Haiti E.O.
Base Notes: Cedarwood E.O., White Musks, Acquatic notes.

Fragance Family: Soft Floral

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Basilica Milano Fragranze 100ml

In the desert Basilica, a cappella singing from the choir, echoed by the sheer stone walls. By the side altar, tiny lights of many a candle warm up the heart.

Interpreted by Violaine Collas

Head Notes: Thyme E.O., Rosemary E.O..
Heart Notes: Warm Milk accord, Labdanum Hyperessence, Incense Resinoid.
Base Notes:Cypriol E.O., Cedarwood Virginia E.O., SantamanolTM.

Fragance Family: Woods

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Ph. Daniele Colucci


Galleria Milano Fragranze 100ml

At the turn of the Century people would travel from far away, just to buy some travel items, or fine leather accessories.That place was known as “salotto di Milano”, and deservedly so.

Interpreted by Dominique Moellhausen

Head Notes: Red fruits, Coffee Beans Guatemala Extract, Citrus notes, Davana E.O., Violet Leaves Abs.
Heart Notes: Bitter Orange Leaves E.O., Carrot seeds Abs., Iris Pallida Root Extract, Leather accord.
Base Notes: Sandalwood E.O., Patchouli E.O., Amber accord.

Fragance Family: Dry Woods

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Diurno Milano Fragranze 100ml

The hustle and bustle of the city was having a rest here.All sort of people – the weary traveling salesman, the good-looking businessman, and the working-class family just needing a shower. The Hygeia goddess, at the entrance of the Thermae, silently watching.

Interpreted by Julie Masse

Head Notes: Italian Amaretto Accord, Lavender Flower Nat Neo Jungle Essence – Sustainable sourcing.
Heart Notes: Sage E.O., Geranium Bourbon E.O. – Sustainable sourcing Madagascar.
Base Notes: Fir Balsam Abs, Moss Accord, Vetiver Bourbon E.O. Madagascar (sustainable sourcing)

Fragance Family: Aromatic Fougère

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Brera Milano Fragranze 100ml

They say that in the picture gallery, at night, paintings are coming to life. The next day you will still be able to smell the blooming rose in Hayez’s kiss, and the patchouli of Caravaggio’s dark hues.

Interpreted by Violaine Collas

Head Notes: Bergamot E.O., Chilli Pepper E.O., Saffron Accord.
Heart Notes: Jasmine E-Pure Jungle Essence, Rose Abs., Rose Superessence, Geranium Bourbon E.O. – Sustainable Sourcing Madagascar.
Base Notes: Patchouli E.O., Labdanum Abs., Vanilla Abs.

Fragance Family: Floral

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Cortile Milano Fragranze 100ml

In the hot summer all doors are opened on the ballatoio.
You can smell the evening coffee of every mamma in every house.
Two lovers are kissing in the shade.
In riches’ houses and working class’ alike, the jasmine in full bloom smells the same.

Interpreted by Dominique Moellhausen

Head Notes: Bergamot E.O., Coffee Beans Guatemala Extract, Cinnamon Bark E.O., Violet Leaves Abs.
Heart Notes: Jasmin Sambac Abs., Tuberose Abs., Osmanthus Abs., Ylang Ylang E.O.
Base Notes: Amber accord, Sandalwood Indonesia E.O., Suede accord.

Fragance Family: Floral

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La Prima Milano Fragranze 100ml

December 7th
. The Milanese elite getting ready for the season opening.
A young lady in the gallery doesn’t pass unnoticed.
She wants all eyes on her, she knows she can get them.

Interpreted by Violaine Collas

Head Notes: Bergamot Italy E.O., Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence, Davana E.O.
Heart Notes: Orange Blossom Abs., Osmanthus Abs., Jasmin Abs.
Base Notes: Fur Accord, Vanilla Bourbon Pure Jungle Essence – MANE upcycling ingredient.

Fragance Family: Floral Amber

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Derby Milano Fragranze 100ml

Bookmakers busy calculating odds, ladies commenting each other’s hats. Reporters make hast chasing the winner of the race. Flourishing nature all around them. Horse stables far away.

Interpreted by Dominique Moellhausen

Head Notes: Galbanum E.O., Yellow Mandarin E.O., Violet Leaves Abs., Lavender E.O.
Heart Notes: Mimosa India Abs., Tuberose Abs., Ylang Ylang E.O.
Base Notes: Patchouli E.O., Sandalwood E.O., Vetiver E.O., Oakmoss Accord.

Fragance Family: Mossy Woods

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Panettone Milano Fragranze 100ml

A traditional Milanese savoir-faire, doughy, buttery pastry and candied fruits anticipating the arrival of the merry festive season..

Interpreted by Mathilde Bijaoui

Head Notes: Bitter Orange E.O., Mandarin E.O., Ginger E.O., Carrot Seeds E.O., Davana E.O.
Heart Notes: Rum Pure Jungle Essence TM, Everlasting Flower Abs., Tagete Seeds E.O.
Base Notes: Vanilla Abs., Vinyl Gaiacol Natural

Fragance Family: Amber

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Piazza Affari Milano Fragranze 100ml

In “Piazza degli Affari”, the business is going on without a break. Just outside Palazzo Mezzanotte, a group of businessmen, dapper and debonair as only true Italians can be, is having fun ringing a bell.The emblematic signature of masculine fragrance: aromatic freshness.

Interpreted by Cécile Matton.

Head Notes: Pink Pepper Pure Jungle EssenceTM, Cardamom Pure Jungle EssenceTM, Blackcurrant E.O., Lime E.O.
Heart Notes: Geranium Bourbon E.O., Lavender E.O.
Base Notes: Cedarwood E.O., Vetiver Bourbon, Patchouli E.O.

Fragance Family: Aromatic Fougère

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