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“I was born and raised in Milan, and I developed an incredible affection for this city, to the point of feeling so lucky just for the fact of having been born here. This city gave me so much, having a significant contribution of shaping what I am today.
I distinctly remember myself barely 4, starting exploring the town by and large, with my mother, on a squeaking wooden tram*. I since then returned to the very same places, 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years after. Just to see them change, yet realising that the Genius Loci (the spirit of the place) was still there, unchanged.
For years I have been thinking that one day I would have developed something to let the world know how beautiful this city is and how much I love it.
That day has finally arrived.”

Genius loci

Ph. Roberto Patti

As expressed by the creator of the brand, the “Spirit of the Place” is the inspiration and even the raison d’être of the whole collection. The brand purpose is to communicate to the world some enchanted, awe-inspiring – and sometimes unknown – places of the city of Milano. Each fragrance in the collection is centred around one place, yet it is telling the story of people.

Million people in different ages have been passing in front of the same statues, walls, canals, cobblestone streets. Eating in the same. old places. Sometimes noticing the surrounding objects; most of the times overlooking them.
Yet these statues, walls, cobblestones were silently observing. If you believe that even unanimated things can have a memory, then this must be the Spirit of Milan.


“The smell and taste of things remain deposited for a long time, ready to re-emerge at any moment.”
Marcel Proust, La Recherche Du Temps Perdu
The scent of a place or a particular environment is an essential element of our perception of reality: it affects our mood and can unexpectedly re-emerge after some time.
As every important city in the world, Milan had a very complex past and underwent many changes. It was the stage of many significant historical events, as well as business and artistic activities. From the XVI Century, Milano was dominated by France, Spain, Austria. This explains the many Austrian, French, and – to a lesser extent – Spanish influences in the Milanese cuisine, dialect, architecture etc.

As a consequence, it is not a surprise to find out that a city like Milano can be an inspiration for hundreds different scents, reflecting its multifaceted “personality”. The cosmopolitan rush, and the classical and gothic architecture. The iconic tradition, and the trendy lifestyle. The keen eye on the past, the dreamy glance towards future.
Hundreds scents, in hundreds shades, for hundreds memories.
No memories will come out at the wrong time.

Spirit de Milan – The Spirit of Milan

Tram – “el Tranvai”: the quintessential Milanese trolley